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ETE Ready Mix Collaborating with Saudi Baytur for JABAL OMAR DEVELOPMENT

ETE Ready Mix Collaborating with Saudi Baytur for JABAL OMAR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT PHASE II (ZONES S3 &S4)

Covering an area of 23 hectares close to the Grand Mosque, the Jabal Omar project is designed to accommodate 45,000 residents and 150,000 worshippers all-year round

With almost infallible hindsight  based on aggressive strategic expansion plans  are the  key  parameters for ETE Ready Mix  to come up with sound decisions. It is worthy to note, that way ahead of the current massive developments, in the holy City of Makkah, the presence of ETE Ready Mix has long been positioned & has been successfully established   catering the concrete requirements of various construction companies who are working on  numerous projects of varying scales.  


Today however,  one of the most prominent projects that will dramatically  change the landscape of Makkah, is Jabal Omar Development Project ( JODP ).  It is a unique urban re-generation scheme aimed at providing hotel accommodations, commercial/retail spaces, car parking, public spaces and public amenities to support religious, social and commercial activities to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims during Hajj & Ramadan seasons and other visitors all year round.  The land area of the project is approximately 230,000 sq.m. with built up floor area of approximately 2 million sq. m. 


A £3.47-billion master plan for a huge mixed-use development next to the Grand Mosque will result in an area beyond compare & will surely spur up economic activities.

Taking  part of the construction for JODP, Saudi Arabian Baytur Construction Company in joint-venture with Azmeel Contracting Co. has sealed a contract with ETE Ready Mix to exclusively supply their concrete requirements for JODP Phase II ( Zones S3 & S4 ),  on 15th of August, 2012.


Contractually, ETE Ready Mix is going  to supply of not less than 200,000 cubic meters of concrete to Saudi Baytur’s JODP Project with target completion period of two years.

In pursuit of excellence in service & maintaining top quality products, ETE Ready Mix in Makkah Station has further upgraded its state-of-the-art batching plant facilities, transportation fleet, deploying new batch of highly qualified workforce to man the latest additions of facilities and equipment. Moreover, a new batching plant is also being erected  in order to increase the production capacity in  preparation for the imminent  high demand.






Upon completion, the Jabal Omar mega-project will showcase to the world with unmatched facilities which will include some 37 towers in varying heights with elevation being gradually proportionate to the distance from the Grand Mosque outward. Some of the towers will be dedicated for residential use while others will accommodate hotels. Two intertwined towers stand up tall at the starting-point of King Abdul Aziz pedestrian crossing, which leads to the Grand Mosque courtyards. The two towers will be the project’s iconic landmarks and a gate for the central area on the western side of the Grand Mosque. Furthermore, the project includes a hotel and a conference room directly overlooking the Grand Mosque, with a main hall capable of accommodating around 3,000 people, not to mention other conference and presentation halls. 

People of Makkah know that living in it is unlike any other place in the world. These development projects are meant to position Makkah at the forefront of cities that are modern, advanced and well -planned without losing its unique spiritual and human characteristics.


Other than oil and gas, Saudi Arabia is now exploiting its  untapped natural resources, & is  passing through a unique phase of industrial revolution , creating new industrial cities on a vast deserted land. As new megaprojects continue to  unfold every day,  ETE Ready Mix stays abreast of these developments happening all over the kingdom, in order to keep its reputation as one of the leading concrete suppliers in the country.