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On the 14th  of February, 2013, the first quarterly meeting for Area Managers, Station Managers, & Departments of ETE Ready Mix was successfully conducted at ETE Group’s head office in the city of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. 


Major  objectives of the said meeting  include: establishing proper communications among Area Managers, Station Managers, & Department Heads, engrossing more accountability to all activities among station and area managers, & increasing cost control awareness and finding means of maximizing profitability among Station and Area managers.


In general perspective, the meeting was a fine tuning exercise on the dynamics of  the  operations-based system & policies,  as the team had experienced major roadblocks hampering the smooth day-to-day activities in the previous year.


While major issues were highlighted & intensively discussed, minor issues that tend to snowball when left unattended, were also put into serious concern & all possible corrective measures  were explored until appropriate solutions came up & were agreed upon.

Presided the meeting were ETE Group’s dynamic duo:  Eng. Morhaf Bu-Khamsin ( far middle ) & Eng. Ahmed Bu-Khamsin ( far right ) , ( General Manager & Vice-General Manager ), respectively.


Although top issues were handed out as a matter of agenda, however, the attendees were given the opportunity to voice out their opinions, ideas, & suggestions thru an open forum segment.


The meeting started at 9:00 AM and ended at around 2:00 PM. After hours of brainstorming and deliberations, new policies and procedures were formulated  which will form part of the current operations manual. Moreover, the meeting was also an opportunity for key operations personnel to gather themselves in one venue, and get more acquainted with one another especially for the new members of the team.